Talent Management for Organizations

Map out the talents, qualities, and competencies of your employees in a clear, fast, and efficient way with TMA Talent Management for Organizations.

TMA talent management for Organizations

Get easy-to-understand graphical overviews of the talents, qualities, and competencies of employees and applicants based on the Talent Assessments, Capability Assessments, Competency Profiles, Personality Drives, and Personal Interests.

Talent Pool

Everyone has talents, but what are these talents? TMA Talent Pool is a database with the talent data of all your employees. When a new job needs to be done, this tool offers the possibility to quickly find out who could be most suitable!

Quickly discover the potential of (future) employees?!

With TMA we offer clear reports that give you quick insight into qualities and talents.

Various Talent Analytics tools

Improve workforce planning and business decisions with Talent Analytics. The key lies in integrating analytics and recommendations into decision-making processes and workflows.

Performance Matrix

The employees gain insight into the connection between their talents – competencies – and expectations from their position. It offers an overview to the employee and the manager on whether the employee can mainly use talents and which competencies can still be developed with the talents that the employee naturally possesses.

Competency Assessment

Each position requires specific competencies. To make the right match, you will gain in-depth insight into the competencies of employees and candidates.

TMA Competency Library

53 Competencies form the basis of the TMA Method. Identify, match and develop with TMA Competency Library.

Competency Match

Match the TMA Competency Library with your candidate.

Competency Set Assessment (CSA)

To create a good competency profile, TMA has developed a practical tool: you can create a preliminary profile yourself and send an automated feedback questionnaire to key stakeholders using the "Competency Set Assessment".
After everyone has provided feedback on the provisional profile, you will automatically receive a report with all the feedback incorporated. It makes choosing the right profile easier in its turn.

Start with Talent Management for Organizations

TMA provides insight into the first identification of qualities and talents with scientifically substantiated online tools. Through clear interactive reports, you will discover the talents of your (future) employees.

TMA Talent Library

Talents are the building blocks of TMA: identify, match and develop 44 talents with TMA Talent Library.

TMA Talent Assessment Instruments

Deep insight into talents, motivations and competencies.

TMA Career Instruments

Help your candidates choose a different profession. Through TMA Talent Assessment, combined with TMA Career Instruments, you can quickly find out the talents, and competencies that are easy to develop, interests, and open vacancies for your candidates.

TMA Team Building

The Complete Guide to Team Building.

Capabilities Assessments

Test the ability to learn and speed of applying new knowledge and solving problems with TMA Capabilities Assessments.

TMA 360 Degree Feedback

TMA 360 degree feedback: a dialogue about behavior and skills.

"People perform better and are more committed when they work based on their natural talents!"


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