TMA Professional Certification

Learn all about finding, retaining and developing talents as a Certified TMA Professional!

Purpose of TMA Certification

Get the most out of your candidate or employee's talents and competencies as a TMA Professional! After the TMA Certification, you will receive the TMA Professional Certificate and will be able to apply the TMA Method proficiently.

Did you know that with one TMA License you can use all TMA Instruments for 1 year for your candidate or organization? Unlimited!

During the TMA Professional Certification:

You will discover how to get the most out of people.

You will get a complete introduction to the TMA Method, talent thinking, and the online TMA platform.

You will be provided with tools to perform talent development and talent matching in your organization or with your candidates.

You will learn how to conduct more effective selection, development and assessment interviews.

Plus a complete Talent Assessment for yourself

With personal feedback

Upon completion of TMA Professional Certification:

You will discover the full potential of the TMA Method.

You will be able to provide your candidates with clear and fast insights into 22 drives, 44 talents, and 53 competencies, and additionally career opportunities and current vacancies.

You will get familiar with the different TMA Reports and Talent Dashboards and will be able to work with Talent Data flexibly.

You will understand the correlation of the various instruments of the TMA Method.

You will know the theoretical background of the TMA Method.

You will learn how to create Competency and Talent Profiles in the TMA Portal.

You will acquire basic skills for conducting TMA Talent Dialogue and the TMA Talent Assessment or the TMA Competency Assessment.

You will learn the difference between the 53 Competencies, 22 Drives, and 44 Talents.

Includes 2 free TMA Assessments

Between the modules, you will practice with 2 candidates. The TMA Assessments that you will use for this are included in the price.

With the TMA Method, you can make a match between a candidate's drives/talents and the competencies of a profile.

You will be able to determine the potential of a candidate and get the knowledge of the development possibility of the 53 TMA Competencies.

You will be able to interpret the Performance Matrix and provide matching and development advice based on TMA Assessments

You will obtain a broad knowledge of the TMA Talent Management Instruments for the application of Talent Management in your organization or for your clients.

TMA Certification

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